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Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services Company in India

Printed Circuit Board Assembly is also commonly referred to as PCBA. It encompasses the processes that are involved in the soldering of assembling elements of the electronic components into a printed circuit board. A printed circuit board is the board that is present before the addition of all the electronic components. It is abbreviated to PCB.

USPL. is one of the best printed circuit board assembly Services providers and manufacturer companies based in India. We offer printed circuit board assembly services and PCBA manufacturer services with 100% quality guarantee.

Lastly, none of these materials can be fixed onto the PCB board without the presence of soldering stations, wave soldering machines, and SMT equipment. During the assembling process, various inspections and testing equipment are used to ensure if the final product will work as per expectations.

The entire soldering of components into the printed circuit board consists of the following steps:

  • • Insertion of each element
  • • Flux application
  • • Preheating
  • • Cleaning
  • • Testing
Once all the steps have been completed, the Printed Circuit Board becomes a printed circuit board assembly that is ready for use.

Surface Mount Technology SMT Assembly:

We make use of the latest technologies to ensure our consumers always get the best quality PCBA. By the help of surface mount PCB assembly where the electronic devices are placed directly on the circuit boards. Surface mount technology has overtaken the process of through-hole. By doing this, the PCBs are made with more precision and quickly. Our team of professionals ensures you get the best-in-class Surface Mount PCB Assembly in all sizes and for all electronic devices.

Surface Mount Technology:

We design PCBs with precision and detail. Our PCBs are made with the use of surface mount technology. Surface mount PCB assembly requires the electronic components.to be placed on top of the board to produce an end product that is known as SMT. With the use of Surface Mount Technology, we have been able to produce circuit boards that are compact but serving the same function. Using SMT, we have quickened the process of surface mount PCB assembly.

Our team is there to listen to your needs and requirements and act quickly to ensure you always have the best. With years of experience and practice in this field, you can trust our team to give you the best surface mount PCB assembly in India.

Solder Paste Inspection

By focusing the customer quality USPL has installed loop back system 3D solder paste inspection machine in manufacturing line. In complete surface mount technology the solder past process is very critical process which will directly reflect on the quality of the assembles PCB.

Generally this inspection process to carried by off the production line, and it purely by manual process

By solder paste inspection machine, following all the parameters are measured for each pcb’s.

  • Length of the solder paste
  • Width of solder Paste
  • Height of the solder paste

Wave Soldering Services

SMT soldering is the process by which components are soldered onto the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). The main feature of SMD manufacturing is that the components have very small or no leads at all. The SMD assembly procedure makes use of a reflow soldering oven to align the components on the board. The boards are then washed to remove any flux residues or stay solder balls. If you are looking for a place where you can get the best SMT soldering done, then look no further. We, at USPL ensure our customers are served with the best circuit boards that are done with precision and hard work.

We use the best available technologies of wave soldering in India to make our circuit boards. USPL is the most outstanding company. We deliver our products promptly and have a high customer satisfaction rate. We offer both RoHS (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances) and Non-RoHS process of wave soldering. The ROHS method uses lead-free soldering. The chemical makeup of the solder used will be tin-silver-copper or tin-copper-nickel alloys, where the solder usually contains more than 90% of tin.

By solder paste inspection machine, following all the parameters are measured for each pcb’s.

  • Length of the solder paste
  • Width of solder Paste
  • Height of the solder paste

Conformal Coating

After a PCB is manufactured, it is assembled with electrical components that serve the primary functions of the electronic device. Electricity, as a form of energy, has the ability to transfer from one source to another. In those intense habitats, components undergo high-temperature changes and excessive energy transfers. These consistent changes may damage the PCB. In order to prevent the same, an additional coating is added. This extra protection is known as the circuit board conformal coating.

It is necessary for the PCB to contain a coating which helps in better performance. While numerous servicing methods are available, it is economical for the manufacturer to choose the correct layering. It depends on the nature of the PCB, with accordance to the device and what it does. This will help the manufacturer, optimally and economically. When outsourced, it is the purpose of the service provider to ensure that the coating is fairly done. AS of USPL is assuring the coating by manually.

Automated optical Inspection Services

AOI Automated Optical inspection is a technology provided by USPL which allow manufacturers to identify defects and missing components. It is an automated visual inspection of the Printed Circuit Board Assembly in which a camera is used to scan the device autonomously trying to recognize possibilities of catastrophic failure and quality defects. By automatically identifying the defects which will contribute the economic saving in terms of money, man power, quality and helps us meet the customer expectation.

Automated Optical inspection (AOI) is commonly used in the manufacturing process because of it being a non-contact test method and still proving to be very useful. By this process following defects can be identified and helps us meet quality expectation of the customer.

  • Component offset
  • Component polarity
  • Component presence or absence
  • Excessive Solder Joints
  • Flipped component
  • Height Defects
  • Insufficient Paste around Leads
  • Insufficient Solder Joints
  • Lifted Leads
  • Solder Bridges
  • Tombstoning
  • Wrong Part
  • Bridging

Our AOI inspection services in India will massively help with the production rate and the retaining of the quality as well. It will also help relieve stress over many workers who will find it impossible to perform manual inspection over these circuits. We also make sure to reduce the manufacturing time,
With our AOI services, you can manufacture satisfying customer products without the worry of failure.