Technical Expertise

Quality Assurance

We achieve this by total involvement of our people, Continual Improvement and Innovations. We make the company to deliver the performance with integrity, respect and quality.

As a market leader in electronics manufacturing, we offer consistent, new and better approaches based on customer needs.

We realize that simply ensuring product quality is not good enough to differentiate a company in the EMS industry. We need to exceed customer expectations with highest quality levels. We achieve quality through:

A. Impeccable quality management system to assure the quality of our products and services

B. Strict Compliance to systems and continuous integration of best practices in our daily activity. USPL Successfully completed ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 13485 QMS – Medical Certificatation

Supply Chain Management

The complete solution in a supply-chain management inclusive of the procurement of raw materials till the delivery of finished products to the customer Ordering
Purchase of Raw Material
USPL SCM Offer the lowest prices or optimal value for comparable products and services with right QCD principle to meet the customer expectations.

Testing & Debugging

PCB debugging Testing, Our testing methodology provides the reliability for your product. We also provide variety of testing methodologies to customers. Our testing and debugging team has an expanse of acquired hands on experience in PCB debugging.

  • Burn in Tests at 50 Degrees
  • AOI Inspection system
  • Automated test Equipments

Analyzing Team is in complete synergy with the quality function for identifying the root cause of the problem. Team is well versed in usage of debug tools, Oscilloscopes, circuit tracing, reading the schematic. Capable to develop debug guideline with analog and digital sequence measurements for quick analysing the product defects.